Smart Management Marketing SaaS Platform

The FengChe SaaS platform is a one-stop solution for the enterprise, including one-stop digital solutions for auto manufacturers, 4S dealer groups and used car trading markets, including evaluation replacement, used car residual value pricing, used car sales, CRM customer management, financial staging, financial leasing, after-sales service, insurance extended insurance, decision analysis, covering from business opportunity clue management, replacement procurement, car sales, e-commerce official website, WeChat marketing system, B2B auction transaction, B2C new retail all-round The one-stop solution helps manufacturers, dealer groups, and trading markets to solve the full life cycle of used cars from the deeper level, and open up upstream and downstream, cross-regional circulation, making trading easier and making profit easier!

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Automotive industry chain target customers

FengChe provides SaaS management, marketing and upstream and downstream industry chain trading services for domestic and foreign automakers, dealer groups and used car markets.

Used car evaluation procurement system

Control vehicle assessment risk, fast sales

Vehicles in the evaluation can be matched with potential customers and enter the car sales chain in advance

Employee KPI assessment allows each buyer and salesperson to understand their business progress

Big data valuation, faster and more accurate

Business Management System(ERP)

Allows you to control the entire life cycle of used car transactions

Vehicles from procurement to sales, all nodes, progress at a glance

Branch store stocks, national car dealers union trade, buy nationwide nationwide

One-click printing of vehicle price posters, contracts, and test reports, worry and effort

Online Marketing Platform

Internet marketing makes buying a car easier

The system builds a marketing official website and a micro shop for you to manage your car and sell your car.

The system is based on the scientific system of who shares who benefits, stimulating the active marketing potential of employees

APP generates cool H5 posters to make marketing look and effective

Typical customers

We are honored to provide leading services to many Fortune 500 customers and 4S dealer groups at home and abroad.

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