FengChe is a leading domestic automotive industry chain service provider, and has received investment from well-known institutions such as BITAUTO (BITA, a NYSE-listed company) and PSA Group (the world's top 500 and Europe's second-largest automobile manufacturer). Providing management, marketing, operation, financial and trading services for used cars and new cars for domestic dealer groups and large-scale used car dealers.

         Our technical team comes from well-known Internet companies. We have launched “CheShangTong-Used Car Business SaaS Platform”, “JianCeBao-Used Vehicle Inspection System” and “CheShangYi-Used Car E-commerce Solution” according to the ever-changing market. Internet products and brands such as “HaoCheWang-Used Car New Retail Trading Platform” continue to innovate in the field of dealers and used car dealers, integrating used car, new car channel resources, financial and financial leasing resources, from vehicle procurement and inventory analysis. , sales orders, financial settlement, to vehicle insurance extended to after-sales maintenance, network marketing, all-round help the industry to improve management and marketing.

        At the same time, FengChe is constantly immersed in the "link". In the aspect of industrial chain services, we will continue to innovate and open up the upstream and downstream manufacturers, dealer groups, financial leasing institutions and trading markets of the industry chain. On the basis of the SaaS digital platform, we will truly integrate the advantageous industrial chain resources with leading and innovative products and services. , all-round empowerment!

        FengChe always adheres to the "user value-oriented" and takes the market "user needs" as the fundamental starting point, constantly innovating products, operations, services and business models. We will always adhere to the "open, cooperation, and win-win" attitude, and we are willing to strengthen cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises, manufacturers, distributors, financial institutions and investment institutions in the automobile industry chain, and constantly "innovate and change, cooperate and win-win", and promote China's automotive industry's progress and development, and enhance consumers' living standards to contribute to a force!

        Our ultimate goal is to be the leading used car industry chain service platform in China's automotive industry, an innovative Internet company that helps Chinese automakers, dealer groups and used car trading markets, with advanced cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. Technology, comprehensively improve efficiency, expand leads, link customers, strengthen customer relationships, reduce costs, open up the chain of industry chain transactions, build a cross-regional trading service platform, maximize the value of manufacturers, distributors, consumers, practice The vision of “making transactions simpler and making life better”.

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